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n32upgen exe
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n32upgen exe - Comments
By Rudolf1983
August 25, 2013, 00:44
this is the last version i will download. the splash screen gives you a big green "button" that says "express install". on a hunch i hit the much smaller, link like, "custom install" and sure enough, that piece of crap google chrome was hidden in there as an automatic install. this is a fairly nice little malware removal tool, however, i hate deceptive tactics used to trick you into installing a program you do not use or want. shame on the developers for doing this.@ zootopia3001: i didn't get it either, i refused to install the program after looking at the "custom install". my point is, they hid the fact that "express install" would put chrome on your machine. i wont use their software again, as i have with other installers that try to pull this crap.
n32upgen exe - Comments
By Britton1983
August 19, 2013, 17:48
i ve tried this several times,and was not overly impressed,but,i saw somewhere,you could run your tv card/stick with a plugin,through it to watch/record ota tv,anyone done this?not a bad player but others are better.
n32upgen exe - Comments
By Jarod1974
September 21, 2013, 21:30
those complaining about chrome's relatively low rating should realize that a lot of people are comparing it to firefox, a far more flexible browser. if the sort of power granted by extensions, live bookmarks and so on are important to a user then its only natural for them to give chrome less weight. i have no doubt that on many systems (perhaps even most), google's browser is probably faster and a lot more efficient than ff, which is a bit of a pig if you install more than a handful of extensions..but for some folks a couple extra seconds of load time or a an extra 50mb of ram are more than worth the custom experience ff can provide. for most people opinions are 100% subjective.
n32upgen exe - Comments
By Bertram1970
September 22, 2013, 06:09
switching away from the lame encoder?project is going in reverse, not forward.
n32upgen exe - Comments
By Rodney1979
September 22, 2013, 12:55
dougau ␘windows blinds␙ is not 'needed' at all, neither is a tv, buying cd's, music newspapers, a hi-fi system etc? but as i see you have given it one star i have to ask have you actually reviewed this program? i use 'object desktop' because i enjoy having a variety of different desks to suit my mood. if that is what you want & are willing to spend money on a program to do this ␘windows blinds␙ is by far the best there is along with 'icon packager'. brilliant programs imho, & have used them for years & has no discernable impact on the performance of this pc at all. and it just keeps getting better. 10 stars.

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