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Magic dvd copier 4 9 3

file size: 99.62 MB
magic dvd copier 4 9 3
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magic dvd copier 4 9 3 - Comments
By Mark1975
October 30, 2013, 23:16
i use pdfcreator and am thinking about trying dopdf (both are freeware and for this i'm very appreciative) -- although i'm not sure if it's worth the time to try. from first glance, it seems like the two software have all the same features. for those who have tried both, is there a difference?i'm thinking there must be for dopdf to be a fileforum pick -- or is it an automatized pick due to the 0.1 rating difference between dopdf and pdfcreator?
magic dvd copier 4 9 3 - Comments
By Nathaniel1986
June 10, 2013, 21:57
webroot secureanywhere beats this hands down - totally cloud based & a billion times smaller - you can also control all pc's protected with it including mobiles.@dark wizard - webroot secureanywhere is based on the prevx engine which has been first class for years, it wasn't dreamed up yesterday.those are your opinions you posted not 'fact' - typing 'period' after a sentence does not increase the validity of your review - it depends greatly on which av reviews you read to be honest - you are entitled to your opinion but having used just about every av on the planet since f-prot for dos i think you are quite wrong - my opinions are as valid as yours or anyones. the kaspersky firewall was easily taken out for years though it seems they may have finally got their act together on that one but only recently.i assume you have used secureanywhere? or is your opinion based on reviews your read or limited personal experience - cloud based is the way forward - remember you read that >here<as for bitdefender it has the greatest fp's on earth & has had for years - that is frankly a piece of junk. if you want a local sig based av use 'eset'and i don't smoke.@mmondry - if you are stupid enough to download illegal 'cracks' you deserve all you get & more - i stand by my review & time will tell - i also use malwarebytes along with trojan remover, if you really think 'any' av will save you from the lack of safe surfing you are mistaken -as for your - '1 - 5 av comparison test' - you obviously have no idea how webroot actually works - i suggest you read up on that - as for your point no. '5' - you seem some kind of beginner to pc's & it's obviously not your employment!the best form of av is to use a linux derivative - some intelligence is required though ;-) and for the record have you actually installed ' kaspersky total security ' ?
magic dvd copier 4 9 3 - Comments
By Damian1971
October 17, 2013, 05:32
it's a perfect virtualization platform, but recent workstation releases have become kinda bloated.vmware is slow to start, the installer thrashes you system for minutes before vmware gets installed.
magic dvd copier 4 9 3 - Comments
By Michael1980
August 25, 2013, 11:25
very interesting network in its early stages. has support for gnutella and bittorrent so far over i2p, with more to come. definately worth checking out :)
magic dvd copier 4 9 3 - Comments
By Stewart1981
June 23, 2013, 03:26
i echo fat, what is the difference in this and the previous version? when i downloaded the thing it said the file was already in my download folder.

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