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Remove wga 2 6

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remove wga 2 6
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remove wga 2 6 - Comments
By Bryce1987
September 09, 2013, 00:08
this is utter crap.it didn't make my pc faster, in the very opposite! startup e.g. took a huge deal longer with this installed.don't use this crap, use rivatuner or similar apps which not only have a lot more functionality, but also don't bog your system down.
remove wga 2 6 - Comments
By Zachariah1972
June 07, 2013, 04:45
it is amazing if you really can tweak it displays the way you like. i always turn on anti-aliasing.this is innovative software, supports many players you like
remove wga 2 6 - Comments
By Humphry1982
June 21, 2013, 04:42
hmmm, seems a lot of people equate their lack of forum etiquette with the quality of a program.i've been involved with this app for years and am active in the forums there. i've not seen people censored or ignored except in cases where they are quite stupid/obnoxious/childish.i also see many give their "garbage" or "other apps are much better" with nothing more to back it up.likely the same lucid style used to post in the support forums and wonder why nobody jumps to help them.
remove wga 2 6 - Comments
By Tristan1980
November 05, 2013, 06:49
finally an excellant one!
remove wga 2 6 - Comments
By Caleb1989
August 09, 2013, 03:54
seems to me adobe has been opening up more security holes with the addition of all the new bells and whistles since version 11.2. i mean, come on, look at the size increase since version 11.2. i've gone back to flash 11.2, and then deleted all the unnecessary flash files, including most all in the documents and settings folder and all the ones in the system32 folder. everything else is now write protected(after flash settings made, including custom settings made in the mms.cfg file). any new files created in the doc & settings folder(mainly flash cookies) are being deleted with ccleaner.btw, flash 11.5 was causing notable crash problems in firefox for me, so don't know if this new 11.6 version resolves it, since i won't be trying it. don't know about internet explorer. haven't used ie in ages.2 stars for this version and probably all future versions, 4 stars for version 11.2

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